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Discover the best parts of Dubrovnik - and beyond

It's difficult to know where a property is when you're searching for somewhere to stay in an unfamiliar region. To help you find your way around when you're searching for a holiday rental, here's our helpful guide to Dubrovnik's best bits.

There are also lots of towns to explore beyond the city's walls. If you're feeling adventurous or you're looking for a more peaceful spot, you could consider staying just outside (but still close to) Dubrovnik.

Remember, we can also help you with your search. Let us know what kind of experience you'd like and we'll recommend a location and some properties to suit you perfectly.
The Old Town
Stay in Dubrovnik's characterful Old Town – the lively, spirited heart of the city – if you like to be in the thick of things and you're looking for a truly unique experience. Enjoy the hustle and bustle with all your creature comforts close at hand. And the entire area is car free, making it a very safe place to stay with children.

Get lost in the Old Town for your own amazing adventure exploring the area's hidden treasures. Stroll around the shops, bars, art galleries and restaurants, and discover the small churches nestled among the narrow streets. In the evenings, singers and musicians appear as if from nowhere, adding to Dubrovnik's sense of romance.

Keep in mind that there are lots of steps leading off the main street (Stradun), so you must be prepared (and able) to walk up them. If either you or your fellow travellers have trouble walking, contact us before booking and we can tell you how many steps there are.

Cars aren't allowed in the Old Town, but there are several parking spots (which require a fee) around the City walls and a public garage just 10 minutes' walk away. Search our properties for a holiday let in the Old Town in Dubrovnik.
Located just east of Dubrovnik's impressive walls, Ploce is home to the city’s popular Banje and Sveti Jakov (St James) beaches. It's an affluent residential area with beautiful views of the city walls, the open sea and Lokrum island with its lush vegetation.

From Ploce, it's easy to walk to all of the main attractions. Most holiday rental properties in Ploce have amazing views, although you have to climb some steps to see them. The extra effort is worthwhile and you'll be rewarded when you get there!
Located just outside the city walls, visitors can find everything they'll need in Pile within a mile's radius. For example, Fort Lovrijenac, the tourist information centre, the universities and several restaurants and café bars. And although it's just next to the Old Town, Pile is a lovely, quiet area.

Hidden behind the area's main square, there's a beautiful little cove from where you can take sea kayaking tours. Further on, you'll find the small Suljc beach – it's not busy and it's popular with the locals.

Almost all the buses and taxis meet or pass through Pile, which means that you can easily get to any part of the city or to Dubrovnik's neighbouring towns. Browse our list of holiday villas and apartments in Pile.
Lapad is a great alternative to the Old Town and it has its own centre with banks, post offices, pharmacies and more. There are also lots of children's playgrounds, making it an ideal place for families to stay.

Stroll along the wonderful promenade filled with cafés, restaurants and sweet shops, and enjoy a coffee while you're there. And don't worry if you've forgotten your towel or sunscreen – there are lots of places where you can top up on essentials.

Take the chance to cool down at one of Lapad's family-friendly beaches – including Copacabana beach – with a refreshing dip in the Adriatic ocean. Or take part in some of the many watersports activities on offer.

Most of our holiday properties in Lapad have terraces or balconies and stunning sea views. Many also have a free parking space, although you don't need a car if you stay here.

Lapad is just a 15-minute bus ride (buses run every 10-15 minutes from early morning to late evening) or a 10-minute taxi ride from the Pile gate entrance.
Gruž is a charming little port, very typical of the area, where you can catch the ferries to and from Italy and the islands. It's certainly worth a visit, including the fruit and vegetable market where locals sell their produce.

The whole area is enjoying a revival – it will receive a complete facelift over the next few years, transforming it into a marina with luxury shops, fancy restaurants and more.

Gruž is just 3km from Dubrovnik's Old Town and it's the location of the main bus station. There are excellent transport connections with the Old Town, with local buses running every 10 minutes. If you'd like to visit Gruž, search our nearby holiday lets to rent in Dubrovnik.
In Mokošica, you'll find the Adriatic Croatia International (ACI) Marina Dubrovnik and old summer seafront residences. Lozica has lots of private houses and villas offering amazing views of the sea and the Elafiti islands.

Mokošica and Lozica are 2km from Dubrovnik and 6km from the Old Town. If you decide to stay here, we recommend that you hire a car. And although they're close to the sea, there are no fancy beaches – it's a good idea to rent a holiday property with a pool in Mokošica or Lozica.
Cavtat is a wonderful holiday resort with plenty for everyone. It's not yet a very well-known destination in Croatia, but anyone who stays here once comes back again and again.

Cavtat offers a great choice of beaches, scenic promenades, sports activities and cultural entertainment. It's a quaint, lively town that's perfect for a restful, relaxing break. And its seafront is packed with fascinating shops, cafés and restaurants.

There are lots of lovely, small beaches dotted around the peninsula and pine forests offering shady spots for an afternoon siesta. In the summer, the jet set arrives in gleaming yachts to moor at the harbour and enjoy the tranquil, protected bay.

Cavtat is 20km south of Dubrovnik – it has great transport links, making it convenient for travellers. There are ferries to neighbouring Mlini, Dubrovnik and the islands, and buses to Dubrovnik too. Dubrovnik airport is only 3km away. Search for an apartment or villa to rent near Cavtat.
The Konavle region is 30km south of Dubrovnik and borders Montenegro. It's the farming heart of the area and there's also a developing wine production industry. It's also just 15 minutes' drive from the Adriatic sea.

This scenic region is becoming popular for its rural tourism. Quiet surroundings, breathtaking landscapes, a few excellent restaurants offering locally-produced wines. It's easy to see why Konavle is often compared to Tuscany, with its private villas with pools.

You may have never heard of the region before, but you can be sure that your holiday in Konavle will be unforgettable. Enjoy peace, relaxation and fresh, clean air, as well as activities like horse riding, hiking and quad biking.

If you're a nature lover and a real 'foodie', you must visit Konavle. And at night, you can gaze at the brightest stars you've ever seen, thanks to clear skies and the rural location far from city lights.

Konavle is perfect for anyone who wants to get away from the crowds and enjoy a slower pace of life. Popular destinations are Gruda, Čilipi and Molunat on the coast. We strongly recommend hiring a car if you rent a holiday property in Konavle.
Once known for its water mills, many streams still pass through this small fishing town. Mlini’s peaceful, scenic countryside is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing, chilled-out stay in the Adriatic.

Mlini is 11km east of Dubrovnik, with easy access by car, bus or boat taxis to and from the city. Search our properties for a holiday villa or apartment to rent in Dubrovnik, so that you can easily visit and enjoy a day in Mlini.
Zaton is a tourist resort on the Dubrovnik Riviera. It has attractions to suit every taste, from gourmet restaurants to water sports venues. And from the town, you can hike up to the village of Podbrezje (4.5km away) and Mociljska Cave, which is full of stalactites and stalagmites.

You can also admire the town's historic Renaissance buildings, many of which were the summer manors of former Dubrovnik aristocrats. Zaton is just 10km north west of Dubrovnik – take a look at our holiday lets in Dubrovnik.
Orašac is a picturesque town set on the shores of the Dubrovnik Riviera. It has a wonderful location next to countless attractions, including a marina, beaches, restaurants and bars.

The nearby stunning countryside is beautiful and perfect for a leisurely stroll. Orašac is 10km northwest of Dubrovnik and it's easy to reach via shuttle boat or bus.

Start browsing our hand-picked holiday properties in Dubrovnik or contact us for more information.